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Anthony Carter, REALTOR®

Team Lead / Associate Broker - Evolve Realty Group - Inclusive Real Estate

  With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, Anthony has amassed a wealth of valuable expertise, taking pride in his outstanding customer service and robust work ethic. His success is evident both as an individual agent and as a collaborative team member, where he has contributed to the mentorship and training of fellow agents and actively participated in the REALTOR Career Development program. It was during these experiences that Anthony honed the skills necessary to initiate and expand his own team, Evolve Realty Group.

   Anthony channels his energy and extensive communication skills into serving his clients effectively. His unwavering commitment involves providing personalized attention and service to each client, ensuring an inclusive real estate experience. Whether assisting a first-time homebuyer in finding their new home or orchestrating a creative marketing campaign for high-end properties, Anthony consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the job is executed with excellence.

   In addition to his professional pursuits, Anthony is dedicated to giving back to the community and has been actively involved with charitable organizations and animal rescues in HRM. Beyond the realm of real estate, you'll find Anthony enjoying quality time with his fur-babies.


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The Knottier - Clarke Stanley

Handmade neckwear and other formal wear accessories from vintage, recycled and new materials.

   Clarke Stanley is the owner and designer at The Knottier. He has worked in numerous costume and wardrobe departments in the television and film industry over the last 9 years. With an interest in vintage a period based productions, both within Canada and internationally. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 
   Clarke has been fortunate to have worked on a number of productions including The Song of Names, CBC's Anne with an E and  Stockholm. 
   Clarke is passionate about using costume  and fashion to tell a story, and acting as a voice to advocate for diversity in Canadian film and television. 
   Clarke's experience in the television and film industry makes him well-suited to take on your custom requests for events, weddings and other special occasions.

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Bradley Eaglestone headshot_edited.jpg

The Big Fur Grooming Shop

Bradley R Eaglestone Owner/Groomer

194 Gerrish Street, Windsor, NS

   The Big Fur Grooming Shop was started in Hants County late 2022. The shop was created by owner operator Bradley Eaglestone. Bradley has over 20 years experience working with many different animals, including horses and alpacas. For the last decade, Bradley has been showing dogs professionally across the Atlantic Provinces and runs an exceptional breeding program with Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles - Saltmarsh Poodles.

   Bradley left his nursing role over a year ago to pursue a fulltime career in All Breed Professional Pet Grooming and after a lengthy apprenticeship in Asheville, North Carolina, returned to set up The Big Fur Grooming Shop. The shop has been growing steadily and recently moved into its first commercial space at 194 Gerrish Street, Windsor, Nova Scotia. We look forward to offering our unique services to the animals of Hants County and beyond.


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